Stop MOC in Ohio!

Sat, October 07, 2017 2:18 PM | Anonymous

Take Action Now to Stop MOC!

Dear Doctors of Ohio,

MOC reform is within your grasp! The time has come for you to reach out to the members of the Ohio State Legislature Health Committee on behalf of HB 273 “Prohibit Requiring Physicians to Have Maintenance of Certification”.   When the Texas MOC bill was passed, it was the work of individual physicians like you calling, emailing and meeting with Health Committee Members  that made the difference in the battle against special interests. 

What can you do?

  1. Email or call members of the Health Committee ( link to contacts below) and tell them you support HB 273. 
  2. Send written testimony (1-2 paragraphs will suffice) to the office of Representative Gavaronne at:
  3. Consider coming to Columbus on October 11, to support HB 273

List of Ohio State Legislature Health Committee members

The text of the bill

The talking points below may be helpful,  but keep in mind, your own story and thoughts are important too. Imagine that you are the legislator who has to take this information in, make a decision about how to vote and then to do so. What would you want to hear and how would you want to hear it? 

Important talking points with regard to this bill are:

  1. It costs the state and taxpayers nothing while it frees time for physicians to meet the healthcare needs of community. 
  2. Removes a proprietary and profiteering obstruction to a physician’s right to work.  MOC interrupts healthcare delivery by taking doctors away from their patients and practices, and is the compelling factor in many physician’s decision to retire early, thereby reducing the physician workforce in a state that is already experiencing a physician shortfall.  This bill allows physicians to obtain licenses, credentials and negotiate payer contracts without having to go through the time consuming, onerous and expensive MOC process. 
  3. Improves patient access to care.  Physicians will not be away from their practices completing MOC requirements (study courses, exams, completing modules which add nothing to quality care). Also increases the number of working physicians as otherwise many will retire early in order to avoid repeating the expensive, time consuming and burdensome MOC process. This has it’s greatest impact in rural areas where there are fewer physicians and patients have to drive farther and wait longer to see a physician. 

Important talking points with regard to MOC are:

1.     MOC is a proprietary product which stands between a physician and licensing agencies, facility credentialing services and third-party payer contracting arrangements and thereby obstructs a physician’s right to work.

2.     Reduces patient access to healthcare by taking physicians out of their offices to complete expensive, time consuming and burdensome requirements and leads to early physician retirement thereby reducing the physician workforce. 

3.     Cannot validate any claim to quality or safety. The data and literature surrounding claims that MOC verifies safety and quality in fact do not make this determination. There are no data to support this claim. 


It’s time for us to take a seat at the table!  Make phone calls, send emails, send written testimony, come support.

See you there!  

Dr. Niran Al Agba

Dr. Wes Fisher

Dr. Marion Mass

Dr. Judith Thompson

Dr. Craig Wax

Board of Directors

Practicing Physicians of America

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